Biofuels Research Institute

Biofuels Research Institute
PO Box 1653
Cary NC 27512

Phone: +1 919-749-8717


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Welcome to the Biofuels Research Institute

The Biofuels Research Institute (BRI) is a nonprofit organization supporting the growth of the biofuels industry through macro-market analysis combined with laboratory scale technology assessment and development.

BRI is conducting technology development studies for four biofuels startup companies based in NC. Each company is commercializing a technology that will help grow the biofuels industry in NC.


Technology examples include:

  • Converting biomass and other waste streams into biofuels,
  • Converting biodiesel waste products into high-value chemicals, and
  • Improving efficiency of all gasification based biofuel companies.


In addition, BRI is conducting macro-market analysis that will help support the adoption of new technologies and the incorporation of these technologies into the transportation fuel market.  These efforts will be extremely beneficial to various economic development efforts and their activities that support the biofuels industry.

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